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TRIUNE believes the collective strength of Australia’s OSINT sector is greater than the sum of individual efforts and we are committed to cultivating partnerships that thrive on shared success. 


TRIUNE is committed to delivering OSINT solutions compliant with state and federal laws as they relate to privacy, intellectual property, national security, cybercrime, terrorism, serious and organised crime, and child exploitation. 


TRIUNE understands the difficulty of reconciling the conflicting ethical concerns associated with the practice of generating OSINT from PAI. TRIUNE embeds the concepts of just cause, proportionality, right authority, a reasonable prospect of success, discrimination, and necessity into its offerings. 


TRIUNE takes pride in its commitment to the art of the possible. Our solutions seamlessly blend advanced technology with a multi-disciplinary approach, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of an ever-changing PAI landscape. 

Our Values

Our Mission


Empowering leaders with the source of first resort. 

We specialise in the growth and development of OSINT capabilities across government, industry, and academia. Our unwavering commitment to legality, ethics, collaboration, and innovation leads to transformative impact by enhancing existing intelligence capabilities or establishing new ones. 


TRIUNE Advisory’s Founder and Principal Advisor. 

James’ career spans both government and industry leading OSINT capabilities; and delivering OSINT products, services and capabilities above and below the line. James has a reputation for enabling organisations to understand, operationalise, and commercialise OSINT.


He has served customers across industry and government including defence, law enforcement, and the national intelligence community, in both Australia and Five Eye countries. James is a trusted partner throughout Australia’s burgeoning private intelligence sector.


He works closely with software primes, small to medium technology enterprises, educators, recruitment firms, and intelligence professional service firms, facilitating public-private cooperation in service of national security. James holds a Master of National Security Policy from the Australian National University. 

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James Baylis
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